Monday, November 9, 2009

Gerhardt Fuchs, 1974-2009

Sad news. Over the weekend, Jerry Fuchs suffered a mishap trying to escape a stuck elevator, and died from the fall. He was a super fantastic drummer, a huge part of the greatness of Maserati, and seemed to be a really good guy all around.

Maserati doesn't have many funereal songs, but someone else had the same idea I'd had earlier, and made a video for "Do You Hear the Nightbirds Calling You?"

I read about it this morning at Pitchfork, but there were several obituaries in less expected places: The New York Times, New York Post, even Entertainment Weekly (where he apparently freelanced).

Maserati at End Of An Ear Records
I just made a memorial playlist with some of my more favorite videos. Seems kinda lame... but what can you do?

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