Thursday, November 24, 2011

777 Continues Apace

The metallic foil-embossed gatefold presentation, as well as the artwork detail insert-foldouts, for Chapter 2 of Blut Aus Nord's 777 series, The Desanctification (2011), is AWESOME!!

777: The Desanctification promo (2011)

No word on Liber II of What Once Was... (#16, 2010), but this 777 series is shaping up! I love a good album release promo commercial, especially for semi-obscure French Black Metal. Read about the first part: here.

"Epitome VIII" by Blut Aus Nord, from 777: The Desanctification (2011)

Just got this super-recently, so I haven't given it a listen yet. But I'm kinda expecting some BAN on the year-end roll-ups. And for this, I am thankful...

O yeah, and I got the t-shirt combo-pak. Buy the record HERE. (Add to Cart buttons are below each product, clothing combos are separated by shirt sizes... Non-combos are further down.)

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