Friday, February 26, 2010

Whole Lotta Steve (Moore.)

If you've been reading here for awhile, you already know Zombi - the formerly-Pittsburgh horror-soundtrack synth-prog duo of pure awesomeness. Their split with Maserati was #2 overall for 2009! Along with a full studio LP and the drummer's solo 1.5xLP as Majeure. I'd overlooked synth/bassist Steve Moore's solo 10" EP, mentioned in the Ltd. Ed. frenzy post, but it belonged there too.

Fever Dream EP
So, we're here to celebrate Steve Moore's generosity in providing a bunch of his solo stuff for streaming, and some for free or paid downloading. Because the SoundCloud embedderator crashes out the blog editor, I might be replacing the players with links - click 'em!

Bayern Kurve
by stevemoore2600

Very recently, Mr. Moore put up a new track from an upcoming split-vinyl release: "Bayern Kurve." It's part of the SoundCloud set "solo recordings," which also includes both sides of the 10" single ("Fever Dream" and "30,000 Feet Deep"), and the final track from his 2007 solo album The Henge, called "Cepheid." Nice little set!!

Soon after learning about Moore's solo work, I realized I'd missed a limited-edition-vinyl solo release, Vaalbara (2008) - and it was gone, gone, gone. When I was rooting around SoundCloud after getting the "Bayern Kurve" link, I was ecstatic to find it upped for my perusal. And there it is!

by stevemoore2600

One whole shifting, mutating piece in two parts (because that's how vinyl works). This is probably the closest to the Oneohtrix Point Never style of synthwork that I've heard him get. So, it's less of the John Carpenter horror mood, and more of the spacey trip side. These tracks (and a compilation tune I'd never heard of) are available to buy through linkage there, including lossless .flac or .wav formats. Better believe I snapped them up!

Cepheid (Live)
by stevemoore2600

And speaking of the closing track from The Henge (2007), here's a 21-minute live version from Boston 2008... Which you can download straight-up for absolutely nuthin'! (Hit the button with the down arrow.) So, there's that. And some remix work he's done, including his one for Maserati. Also, some other side projects, like Gianni Rossi, labeled "Disco Rock Filmscore" (read: Italo disco) - and Lovelock, which is a bit more more meaty, beaty, big and bouncy.

Steve Moore 2600

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