Sunday, February 14, 2010

Three Who Would Slip Inside This House
As You Pass By

Gearing up for '60s psych-garage-punk post upcoming, here are three covers of the 13th Floor Elevators classic, "Slip Inside This House."

Primal Scream from Screamadelica (1991)

Probably the most famous cover of this song. I picked up this cd on vacation in Colorado. Not bad, but I don't find myself listening it very much. This version was also on the excellent Roky benefit tribute comp Where The Pyramid Meets The Eye (1990).

On Trial from Head Entrance (1997)

More from Denmark's top-notch psych scene! On Trial covers 13th Floor, Baby Woodrose covers 13th Floor, members of both bands join up for Dragontears (#2, 2008). Who cover 13th Floor (live in that post)!!

Acid Tomb live at the Austin Psych Fest 3/8/2008

Austin's very own 13th Floor Elevators tribute band, including at least one guy from the band who backed Roky for last year's Houston show. By the way, Roky's coming back later this month!!

Easter Everywhere

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