Sunday, February 14, 2010

Contemporary Garage-Psych for Free!

Here's some '60s revivalism you might want to grab. The Green Album (2007), from Jamie Laboz, is a concept album about a post-apocalyptic world where fuzz-psych is mankind's only hope. Or something like that...

The Green Album
I can't tell how much of the silliness is self-seriousness or just for fun. You can stream and purchase at his homepage, which leads you to his Myspace. Where the Download link is on the right about half-way down, right below [BUY] and above the "Friend Space."

Not quite up to the level of The Pillbugs (#4, 2008), but tending similar retro fields. A little more garage-y style, less purely Beatlesque, with even a Moby Grape-kinda skit-song. I think the more groovy, psychedelic stuff works better than the rockers.

Found via Trip Inside This House blog.

TITH Summer Solstice 2009
"Trip Inside This House" is an obvious nod to the 13th Floor Elevators' lysergic anthem (see previous post), and I believe it's a radio show out of St. Louis. Main blogger goes by "Valis," as in the awesome Philip K. Dick tome. The blog is good readin' overall, they do 10 Questions interviews with pysch luminaries high and low. Their Best of 2009 wrap-up brought in various contibutors for a diverse overview of (valid) opinions.

"But we're here for the free music!!" you scream, waving your pitchfork and torches. Okay, there are two categories. The blog's own seasonal Solstice compilations, which seem to mostly include actual new contributions from the artists. Including one where most of the songs are basically titled after the blog/show's name...

Summer Solstice 2007 - One 50-minute psych mix-job by Valis hisself. I haven't listened to this one in quite awhile, but I remember liking it enough to bring me back for more. The hour-long single-track albums just get lost in the library so easily, and it's harder to listen through over multiple sessions... Anyway, it's the last to use the Valis Mega-Mix approach.

Winter Solstice 2007 - 20 separate tracks, including some big names like Guided By Voices, Matthew Sweet, and Grizzly Bear. Regulars like Doleful Lions, and maybe my discovery of Beyond the Wizards Sleeve (#1 Discovery of 2008)?

Summer Solstice 2008 - This is the one where lots of songs are "Trip Inside This House" or thereabouts. Jamie Laboz, The Maharajas, √ėyvind Holm... Great non-TITH song title from Doleful Lions:
"Underground Werewolf Scribe Agape."

Summer Solstice 2009 - The most recent one, from last year. Includes the fewest bands I'd heard of, but I've been listening mostly to it. Does include one from The Time & Space Machine's Volume Two (#6, 2009), which is a BTWS solo thing.

The Mind-Melt Listening Station XII
The second category contains a couple of collections from Musicgnome, as outside contributions to supplement the psych overload.

Gimme Fuzz! Another Journey Through The Revivalist Underground (2006) - An absolutely ludicrous amount of garage obscurities and semi-obscurities and would-be classics. 2 'discs,' 57 songs, two-and-a-half hours, '60s through present-day.

The Mind-Melt Listening Station: Volume XII (2007) - Another volume of some trans-dimensional, era-spanning compilation. This one has everything from Stereolab to Oneida to Wellwater Conspiracy. So, less-forgotten stuff from the last coupla decades. More psych-rock than fuzz-garage...

Here are: All of Musicgnome's Mixes at Art of the Mix.

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