Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Solo Beatles Album Cover Party!!

The solo Beatles mash-up album-link search reminded me what terrible cover art the solo Beatles used. Just horrible - especially Paul!

But one that I'd never seen stood out, so I figured I would try my best to compile four cool solo Beatles album covers...

Goodnight Vienna (1974)
Fantastically ludicrous, in the absolute best way, is Ringo Starr's Goodnight Vienna (1974)! I'm a big fan of the original The Day The Earth Stood Still movie, which was the only version when this album came out. I'm not sure what the response was at the time, or whether anything done by a Beatle could be considered "ballsy." But looking back, it's great. Apparently the title phrase was old-school Liverpudlian slang for "Let's get out of here." Wikipedia's entry also informed me of this tv advert for the album:

Can anything top that? Doubtful... And for George, I actually had to go with a 1979 Capitol reissue of Dark Horse (also 1974). I actually have this framed and hanging in the loo.

Dark Horse (Capitol reissue)
I'm almost positive that was the back cover of the original gatefold release. Given the unusual placement of printed text and the Hare Krsna logo, but you can't really tell whether it might be just bad design. I'm equally sure that someone like me found the whole picture too good to pass up: the boots obviously, but the hat, the flower... plus the relaxed attitude. Like, this is just how George Harrison goes out for a stroll in the park. Obviously!

John Lennon's album covers weren't necessarily very bad, more pedestrian and predictable. They usually just featured some picture of him, or him and Yoko, or him and Yoko naked. And there's not much avoiding that, so why fight it?

Mind Games
At least Mind Games (1973, so close) played with perspective, or lack thereof. Making Yoko the entire horizon, and John a tiny, awkward dwarf engulfed in a wide open field. With the title, it opens all sorts of questions - especially if answers.com is correct that Lennon himself designed the cover. That's internet info for you, though.

Back To The Egg
Sorry, I'm pretty sure there are no good McCartney solo album covers. But I'm open to suggestions...

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