Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Recenter Videos of Recent Posts

Pitchfork has possibly the worst streaming-video application on the internet. [Actually, the embedded ones work 10x better than at their site!] But for what it's worth, they've recently had a few new videos relevant to some recent posts here. First is a robot-mermaid beach dance-party video from Jonas Reinhardt, then a creepy horror short scored by Grouper, and finally a new video from The Antlers. (Those links are to the relevant blog posts...)

Click on the song title links if the embedded player completely craps out. But it'll still be Pitchfork.

"Atomic Bomb Living" by Jonas Reinhardt

Powers of Audition
come march 15th, kranky issues the second Jonas Reinhardt full length, Powers of Audition. the instrumentation from his debut album expands here to include acoustic drum patterns, guitars, and woodwinds alongside synthesizers and electronics, and gives you a better idea of what his live shows the last few years have been about. don't worry, there is still the heavy krautrock vibe that made his first album so memorable. this album will be available for mail order about a week before release date right here, on both the CD and single LP formats, as well as being available on release date from your preferred digital* retailer.

Sputnik with music by Grouper

Or try at Vimeo. Director Weston Currie seems to have made this actual Grouper video: "Hold The Way."

"Bear" by The Antlers

Or on YouTube. At least there, you can see how much of it has buffered... Mainly I just wanted to post the Jonas Reinhardt one, though.

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