Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Double-Fist of Trilogy Packages

This week, Pitchfork kinda scooped me on something I'd been meaning to do. I've recently gotten a couple 2009 releases that compile a bunchload of music. Too much to take in all at once, a point made by one of the reviews. Neither of which was I expecting to see there.

Not only because of the particular music, but because of the size(s) itself. Which was the whole point of my endeavor: each collects a trilogy of albums on a multi-disc set, and I really needed to break it back down. So, I'm somewhat going to get started, then I'll take the component albums one at a time. Otherwise, it's just been too much music at once...

Post 1 [2/11]: First album from each... [go!]
Post 2 [2/18]: Second albums found here.
Post 3 [3/4]: Third albums are ready.
Post-script [3/13]: Post-album cuts and others are up!

Rifts (gatefold interior)
First came Tuesday's 8.0 review of Oneohtrix Point Never's 2xCD Rifts (2009). As with many a recent purchase, I just kept seeing this one all over the year-end landscape, checked it out and ordered it up. It collects all three Oneohtrix Point Never's full-lengths (all released in 2009): Betrayed in the Octagon (2007 cassette), Zones Without People, and Russian Mind - plus some extra tracks from previous releases.

I'll be going in that order, one post each. But first here's a video from the rare and OOP dvd-r Memory Vague).

"Nobody Here" from Memory Vague dvd (2009)

Sadly The Future Is No Longer What It Was
I'll be doing the same thing, for the same reasons, for Leyland Kirby's Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was 3xCD. 6.8 review from Pitchfork just today. This was the inspiration for the piecemeal exploration, because it collects three double-albums (all released in 2009): When We Parted My Heart Wanted To Die, Memories Live Longer Than Dreams, and Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was. Way too much to digest with any real comprehension!

As with Rifts, I'll be going through each separate 2xLP in its own post (well, paired with the matching OPN album). And similarly, here's a video for a song not on the compilation. This is actually from a forthcoming 2xCD supplement to Sadly, similar to the 7th bonus 'disc' of The Caretaker's Theoretically Pure Anterograde Amnesia (#1, 2005 Ambient).

"The Darkness That Separates Remembering From Not" from Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was 2xCD bonus set (2010)

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