Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vinal Edge List o' 2009

While shopping this weekend, Vinal Edge told me our tastes overlapped, and I should check out their Best of 2009 list. It's currently 2nd down behind "New This Week" on their site. Good record store - way out of town, but worth the drive.

I won't include the whole write-ups, but I will link to Lala. Here are the records that made their cut!

Faking Gold and Murder
AETHENOR "Faking Gold & Murder"
(#16, Non-Metal Next 10)
Not my favorite by this group, but obviously it's really good.


FIRE ON FIRE "The Orchard"

NURSE WITH WOUND "Surveillance Lounge"

NURSE WITH WOUND "Paranoia in Hi-Fi"

Eating Us
This album's cover art has always caught my eye.

EVANGELISTA "Hello, Voyager"

FLAMING LIPS "Embryonic"
(#13, Non-Metal Next 10)
Not my favorite by this group, but obviously it's really good.

DECEMBERISTS "The Hazards of Love"
Honestly, I've never really given them much of a chance. Was a little surprised to see this one here... Also, I always want to spell the album title with two Z's, like "The Dukes of Hazzard." Dunno why.

I've heard nothing but good things about this experimental solo album from Wilco's lead guitarist. I know he's a great player...

"Natasha Khan, lemme rock ya - lemme rock ya, 'tasha Khan!"
Has anyone made that joke already, or is the demographic overlap just not there?

CAUSA SUI "Summer Sessions Volumes 2 and 3"
(#15, Non-Metal Next 10)
Superb. Julian Cope endorsement quoted!! Now available on a 3xCD reissue, along with Volume 1!

THEE OH SEES "Help" (#10 Live Show)

Sound Mind
ANCESTORS "Of Sound Mind"
I think I will buy on this recommendation alone. One from their first album was on the 2nd blog compilation. Another great album cover, with gatefolded vinyl edition!

No album link, but I saw "folk-drone," Ben Chasney (#10, 2009), and "30th release." Sooo....

V/A "G-Spots: The Spacey Folk Electro-Horror Sounds of the Studio G Library"
Sounds ultra-intriguing... Only 30-second snippets on Lala, but I'm going to sample them all.

V/A "I Woke Up One Morning in May"
Link to title track only.

V/A "Singapore A-Go-Go"
Sublime Frequencies international pop music compilation!

ORCHESTRE POLY-RYTHMO DE COTONOU "Echos Hypnotiques: From the Vaults of the Albarika"
Africa? Poly-rhythms? Uh-huh!

LEYLAND KIRBY "Sadly, the Future is No Longer What It Was"
We're working our way through it these days now. And you would start here.

THE UNITS "History of the Units (The Early Years: 1977-1983)"

L'ACEPHALE "Malfeasance"
Black metal and creepy swarms of Romanian chanting? This I must seek out!!

Silvester Anfang II
I actually have this, maybe need to take a closer listen. There's one comp track on Lala.

BILL DIXON, AARON SIEGEL & BEN HALL "Weight / Counterweight"

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