Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Search for Melodien

The mysterious, elusive Melodien appears on the For Lee Jackson in Space complilation. I'm going through it track-by-track (so far), checking out all these new artists I'd mostly never heard of.

Melodian FB
This one took quite some digging. At first, I uncovered the George Sweet Melodien on YouTube, which was fairly promising. I finally discovered the better lead via Facebook: Harry Sumnall, Liverpool, Britain!

Nice little spacey Krautronics there - a bit different than any of the previous artists on the comp.

Unfortunately, FB shows an invalid SoundCloud link, but I wasn't beaten yet!

2CT-TC-CT by Melodienuk

Lotsa free downloads under MelodienUK, and he seems to update regularly. "2CT-TC-CT" was posted since the last time I updated this draft. Kind of a Moroder-entering-Mordor vibe there, or maybe Hawkman-attack-on-Mongo - this Sumnall guy is all over the place.

The Joke by Melodienuk

From late June 2012, brand new when I first laid down the foundations for this post. The non-grayed-out Down-Arrow buttons click for a download.

pfitzz by Melodienuk

This tune's from 4 months ago. Fairly decent consistency with a pretty broad pallette (of synthy stuff). Since most of them are available for download, I'd suggest exploring his entire SoundCloud page.

There's also a whole Medodien set (album?), from about 1 year ago. No real details on SoundCloud or elsewhere, but seems to go together (no d/l either).

Disco Chytilova by Melodienuk

And finally, the oldest thing on Melodien's current SoundCloud collection - over 2 years old. Věra Chytilová is the first lady of Czech New Wave cinema. Kinda reminds me of the Soviet band Zodiac, in that Eastern Bloc new-wave boogie style...

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