Monday, August 13, 2012

NeW seBADoh

Haven't covered ol' Sebadoh too much here given what a once-upon-a-time favorite they were for me: list appearances at #7, 1993 and #8, 1987, plus some free live stuff.

secret EP
And they've got a new EP out (well, a few weeks now)! According to the secret EP Bandcamp page:
$5 for download, "a taste of our upcoming 2013 album, but, NONE of these songs will be on that album..," "this is our first new material in 14 years ( wtf! )...," and it's got 2 of the classic line-up - Barlow & Loewenstein!

I would say that certainly sounds like Sebadoh! Definitely nice to hear they're back in action, and seems worth a sawbuck to me... Looks like they've been touring pretty regularly for a few years recently, even with Gaffney. Don't remember them ever coming through Texas though.

"On Fire" live at Rudyard's, Houston, TX (ca. ????)

Ha!! Not what I was talking about, but I didn't know about this one & that's just a few blocks from where I live (now).

Per another video's 2006 description from the same poster:
This is from the acoustic tour Sebadoh did a couple of years back. It was Jason lowenstein, Lou Barlow, and a boombox...

Sooo... around 2004 maybe? Looks like they did play Emo's Austin on 02/19/2011. I also live a short distance from the site of the original Emo's Houston, which no longer exists (now). I believe this 1994 show was the only time I saw them live... at the Abyss, on 10/5? Think so.

Lollapalooza 1993
No, wait!! Lollapalooza 1993, at some dusty paved raceway. Saw Lou walking back to the 2nd stage area in time to miss Dinosaur J. He was wearing a t-shirt with a drawing of Bigfoot with big deer antlers, I said hello, but he seemed kinda in a hurry.

Good times!

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