Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mono New Cleo Tide

Not only the new Maserati - Temporary Residence Ltd. also has an upcoming release from Japanese cinematic post-rockers Mono (#4, 2009 and #5, 2006)!!

Legend: A Journey Through Iceland
For My Parents comes out September 4th...

MONO - Dream Odyssey by Biz 3 Publicity

A couple of tracks have been released for preview. Apparently recorded with the Wordless Music Orchestra, who joined Mono for their live Holy Ground 3xLP/DVD (#27, 2010).

"Legend" from For My Parents (2012)

That's the "A Journey Through Iceland" official music video for the opening track, according to Pitchfork. Link also includes world tour info... 10-14 Houston, TX - Fitzgeralds! Top Live Shows: #7 of 2009 & #10 of 2010.

From the TRL record Pre-Order page, expect a 2xLP vinyl. And there's an album trailer video!!

After the last 3 studio albums, looks like Steve Albini did not not record / mix / engineer / produce this new one... Bummer.

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