Friday, August 3, 2012

YarmonyGrass 2012

Speaking of obscure American festivals, I saw a poster in Durango for this one starting yesterday: YarmonyGrass, over in Colorado. One of our coffeehouse waitresses in South Fork was wearing a main headliner's t-shirt, and suggested their own upcoming music fest, Rhythms on the Rio.

Elephant Revival
The band that the coffeehouse recommended was Elephant Revival - playing 2 sets!

"Sing to the Mountain" from Elephant Revival (2008)

I think that's called Newgrass... maybe. Their more recent album is Break in the Clouds (2010). You can find both albums on Amazon, plus a YarmonyGrass 2008 live recording.

Here's one of many live vid's.

"Long Walk Home" from Railroad Earth (2010)

Also two sets! This band seems pretty nationally popular, but I'd never heard of them. From New Jersey, kinda unexpected place for roots Americana. Some live jams.

Got several records on Amazon. O yeah, their website.

Pizza Box
Danny Barnes - of the great ol' Austin bluegrass band Bad Livers.

"Pizza Box" [live 2010] from Pizza Box (2009)

Here's 3 more from the same source.

Check out the Bad Livers' old Men In Black medley (Motörhead &Johnny Cash), live 1991. Download that entire epic show!

"That's All Right, Mama" by Honkytonk Homeslice (live 2008)

A String Cheese Incident side project (w/ 2 members). One of the vendors at Austin Psych Fest was really jammin' to the SCI, sounded a lot like '70s Grateful Dead, it seemed... Their live album Carnival '99 was suggested to me.

"New Speedway Boogie / Norwegian Wood" by David Gans (live 2012)

The Grateful Dead Hour's David Gans will also be playing, which is pretty neat. I did know he played some music, as I remember that he sang "Mason's Children" on Henry Kaiser's Those Who Know History Are Doomed to Repeat It (#8, 1988).

Speaking of whom, here's a Dead-heavy 1997 show from The Broken Angels - for free download. Includes Gans, Kaiser, and Dose Hermanos: Tom Constanten (played with Grateful Dead in late '60s) and Bob Bralove (co-wrote "Picasso Moon").

Me & my brother saw TC play a solo set in some SF head shop during the Dead's 1990 NYE run in Oakland. And my first GD show was the very first performance of "Picasso Moon" (04/28/1989).

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