Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sight & Sound & September

Not sure how / if this will work... But based on the Sight & Sound 2012 poll out recently (top 250 and database), I'm going to make a concerted effort to watch one movie per day for all of September. Here's the catch: I'm going to try to blog about each one by the next day!

The operative word here being "try."

Now, I'm not just going to watch S&S's top 30 Greatest Movies of All Time. I'll try to mix it up - maybe some of my personal faves, some obvious selections, and some unseen classics (3 filmmaker lists I've made). And hopefully, most will be something others might be interested in reading about...

For S&S month, I'm planning to mostly stick mostly to a theme of "quality" - probably need to put off music or schlock films for their own month(s)/series. Also, I don't want to buy a new DVD per day, so my existing library or available borrowing and streaming will come into play. (I do have Netflix!) I've got a pretty good but flexible outline already, but I'll take suggestions in comments here or over on Facebook.

Also: one film max per director. Some silent movies, some 21st century... Definitely some foreign, some USA... And shooting for movies I haven’t seen recently or enough times (or ever).

The Getaway trailer (1972)

Maybe some Peckinpah?

Strangers on a Train trailer (1951)

Maybe some (non-Vertigo) Hitchcock? We could follow along with BFI's "39 Steps to Hitchcock" series.

Fanny and Alexander trailer (1982)

But definitely some films from those guys I've already missed too much from - like Ingmar Bergman, Werner Herzog, Luis Buñuel, and others...

Fletch trailer (1985)

Also haven't seen Fletch in awhile!

Tokyo Story
Found at semi-random, this list seems promising. This Slant Magazine series is probably too much to process in time.

I'm not film critic... nor a music critic either, HA! So I'll probably try to present a video or trailer for some flavor, a few interesting links, and whatever I can come up with on one day's notice (with another movie to watch). Should be interesting, hopefully - any other ideas?

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