Thursday, August 16, 2012

Spelunking & Cavedwelling

I was recently checking out the Sunrise Ocean Bender blog (pretty dang sweet) - and the first thing I found was Cavedweller.

Cave Echo
Have a quote: "Coming from various locales over time in Texas, Cavedweller may seem like a small operation, but Michener and his rotating assists put everything about right where it needs to be to inflate his reverbery space in size to the point where you’re looking at his home-state from the other end of the microscope." They also linked to the LP4 "Crom" video!

O yeah! The Cavedweller Bandcamp contains the music. Some of the mellowest, folkiest "space" - but I haven't heard too much. And some detailed & technical liner notes for that one...

Live at the Carousel, Austin, TX, 2006

Video from official website. I've always considered that a pretty weird venue, what with the garish carney decor.

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