Thursday, August 23, 2012

SubArachnoid Spacerock

Continuing with this recent series: next up is SubArachnoid Space. No, not the brain cavity... the Portland-via-SF psych-jam band - apparently inactive since last year, but still on Facebook.

Almost Invisible
The one appearing on the For Lee Jackson in Space comp (2012)! Much like Primordial Undermind, I'd heard of SubArachnoid and once again assumed they were some kind of electronic noise freak-out - rather than the actual jamming guitar psych-ambient project it was. (And I stick by my contention that's what those names evoke for me...)

Good overview with some album reviews ("Approved by the Post-Rock & Psychedelic Prog teams") over at Prog Archives... and a couple of free downloads from the Free Music Archive.

"Karoshi" from Delicated Membrane (1996)

Would seem that that the first few years were made up of semi-formless abstract explorations of the acid-rock jamming variety. Like whole albums made up of what other bands use for inter-song transitions, or extended intro's and coda's.

"Whispers of Momentum" from Either Or (1997)

I could definitely see myself going either way with this. They actually seem good at what they're doing, but it might end up a bit too improvisational. Probably worth a shot for me, though...

"Shut Inside" from Almost Invisible (1997)

This one's a live album of extended, unended jams... but maybe they all are? Seems to be the most popular one yet! If intrigued, follow up with: "Hidden Outside," "Floating Above The Skyline," "Below Any Border" and finally "Calm Fever."

That's almost the whole album. Not sure what "bonus song 9" means since there are only 6 tracks, but there it is.

"Will You Make My House A Carnival?" from Endless Renovation (1998)

Sounds a bit different than before - with the Floydian organ - but maybe I'm letting the new art style influence my hearing. Might also wanna check out "Square Wheels" for more. Just by the number of songs on YouTube, this one might be another fan favorite.

"Indy Maru" from A New and Exact Map (2000)

No-one ever accused SubArachnoid Space of being in a hurry to get anywhere, probably. Maybe I should start any serious exploration in the later phases?

song "D" from These Things Take Time (2000)

Time for another live album - again without interruption. SAS was certainly generous with their releases. Here's song "A".

Also Rising

Not too much anywhere from Also Rising (2003), supposedly their first move from full-on improv to more structure... Also the last album with band founder Mason Jones, owner of the Charnel Music label, releaser of the Walking Timebombs’ self-titled debut?

If that embed doesn't work, stream or download that song from

"Ourobouros" from Red Veil (2005)

Approaching closer to the Now, the band continued on & probably relocated to Portland. Opening rocker "Honorable Mention" is available for stream or download at as well.

"Hunter Seeker" from Eight Bells (2008)

The only album currently up on SubArachnoid Bandcamp. This seems to be the most recent, and possibly last, record. Looks like the music-making has stopped, with just a vestigial internet presence still ongoing.

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