Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tyken's Drift Interstellar

Upcoming solo album from Steve Moore! Light Echoes on Cuneiform Records, early September.

Light Echoes
Steve is of course the main synth guy for Astral favorite electro-space-prog duo Zombi (most recently #5, 2011). My choice for label pull-quote: "It takes you on an inner journey -- the kind that's probably best made the same way Moore made the music – as a solo endeavor."

Tyken's Rift by steve moore

Listen and/or download the preview track right there!

Star Trek reference? I was thinking maybe something from the "Tears in the Rain" speech, but that's the Tannhauser Gate... NerdLore tag added.

Future Times 12
[Edit: postscript added 8/28...]

This track was on Stevemoore2600's Soundcloud a long time now, but I didn't notice until Ad Hoc just promoted it.

Steve Moore - Zen Spiders by Future Times

12" coming out sometime soon?

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