Tuesday, January 5, 2010

iTunes for Christmas!

Finally decided how to use my iTunes gift card that I received as a gift (card). I didn't look at it exactly like money, I wanted to get stuff that I wouldn't otherwise be buying normally. So, here's what I got...

"Modern by Nature's Reward" from Jonas Reinhardt (2008)

Hypnotheque!! Jonas Reinhardt is the old-school, Krauty synth outfit that I asked Maserati's drummer to identify. I didn't buy the full self-titled album, because I'm getting that on cd. So I got the iTunes-only single/EP for "Modern by Nature's Reward," with three non-album tracks - which are on Myspace: "Downright Cabal," "Witchcraft-Prone" and "Port Lligat (Redux)." [iTunes]

"What I Need" from Unlistenable (1996/2002)

This record is a delayed release of a rejected demo for a Steel Pole Bath Tub major label album. The story is hilarious, and I loved SPBT - just not sure I was otherwise going to seek this one out. Basically, they tried to sell a full-album cover of The Cars' debut (rejected outright), then turned in a demo with a few Cars covers and aimless ambient noise (rejected as an "unlistenable" "soundtrack to nothing," band dropped). [iTunes]

"On the Upswing" from Edward's Lament(2003)

When I saw Isis (#5, Live 2009), I bought the lead singer's dark ambient side-project's debut, Submarine Immersion Techniques, Vol. 1 (2000) as House of Low Culture. Actually featured one song on the 3 Who Would Dark Ambient post. This is the second full-length... [iTunes]

"Ingenting Är Sig Likt" live - 8/22/2009 - The Loft - Dallas, TX

Another iTunes exclusive, and really the only of their iTunes Live from... EP series that I was very interested in. Dungen! (#5, 2008 / #4, Live 2009!!) [Dungen show's from SoHo.]

SPBT unlistenable
So, if you ever have iTunes 'money' to spend, here are a few other exclusive-type things on offer (in addition to the iTunes Live from... series):

The iTunes Originals series, which are like compilations with some exclusive versions and interview snippets.

Live at Austin City Limits series, pretty obvious...

The Live Session series, more live sets!

There's also the Flaming Lips' recent full-album cover of Dark Side of the Moon (2009), with Stardeath and White Dwarfs, Henry Rollins and Peaches. Actually, the Flaming Lips seem really enmeshed with iTunes exclusivity...

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