Sunday, November 10, 2013

Zombi-esque (#5, 2012)

Long way to go & a short time to get there. Both of the two guys from Zombi (#5, 2011) were super-busy last year, and there's a ton of fun out there. Let's start with their side-splitting LP project, Brainstorm. I guess the single was Steve Moore's "Enhanced Humanoid," but here's a cool fan-vid to scope...

"Dawn of Primordial Life" by Steve Moore, from Brainstorm (2012)

Majeure's album side is the 20-minute "Atlantis Purge." Haha, epic.

Also, here's the whole album on Bandcamp.

"Tyken's Rift" by Steve Moore, from Light Echoes (2012)

Course that's not sufficient for either of these dudes - solo releases! Moore had this one, with the massive Part II of the title track, not surprisingly a ST:NG reference.

[Edit, 11/21: Wow, I botched that pretty good - bad "Light Echoes II" link, unclear that "Tyken's Rift" was the Star Trek reference... Fixed.]

"Extreme Northern Lights" by Majeure, from Solar Maximum (2012)

But don't forget about A.E. Paterra... he's gotta have his own (OOP) record too. And with its own catchy title track as well.

Zombi will be hitting the road again for December, opening for the fantastic Goblin reunion. Do try to catch them if you can!

Not only that, but these guys (bandmates in Zombi) have also started up a limited-edition cassette-tape label - VCO Recordings. You want some weird? Try the sold-out Rusting Cyphers of a Forgotten Sky from Jonas Reinhardt & Abyss of Fathomless Light.

On the lighter side, Abul Mogard's 2012 s/t debut tape (ed./100) is still available!

"Post-Crisis Remembrance" by Abul Mogard, from Drifted Heaven (2013)

And they're taking pre-orders for the follow-up right now... with a super-new official video preview. Each cassette order comes with full & free digital download.

Brainstorm split

Genre - Spaced Electronicals
Steve Moore/tumblr -
Label Bandcamp -
Location - various, including Serbia

Review - Consequence of Sound
Download - Amazon search, iTunes, VCO online
Purchase - Majeure @ TRL / SM @ Cuneiform

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