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Quebec/All Request Live - Ween (#3, 2003)

As you might have heard, Ween broke up since this Top 10 list was originally posted (August 2012). But maybe they're talking again? Only time will tell...

"Transdermal Celebration" from Quebec (2003)

I think it's funny that the album's Wiki page says that "Music critic Mark Prindle named Quebec the best album of the 2000s (decade) in an interview." Mark Prindle interviews on Fox News, talking about Ween, referenced in Wikipedia?! Wild. Also, this Pitchfork review is completely ridiculous. I still don't have The Caesar Demos.

Here's all of Quebec. It will be difficult not to talk about almost every tune, but not quite so difficult to skip a couple of them.

"Zoloft" from Quebec (2003)

I like the mötorspeedthrash ("It's Gonna Be a Long Night") as much as anyone else, but it is just more goodness in the vein of White Pepper's "Stroker Ace." Z.O.L.O.F.T. is "an antidepressant of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) class..." Serotonin reuptake inhibitor would make a good Ween lyric... maybe with some wordplay on serotinal (late summer). Just spitballin' here.

The sad alarm.

"Happy Colored Marbles" from Quebec (2003)

I started off disliking this song, then a friend said she loved it, then I listened more closely, now I dig it a lot more. Not perfection, but I'd overlooked the greatness within. Seein' it live a few times sure didn't hurt neither.


"Chocolate Town" from Live in Chicago (2004)

Love that version! Really lays it down.

More sadness... and more psych-prog. There's so much different happening on this record, still true but a bit less so on the more theme-style albums. But much of it's kind of a downer - which can be cool too. And sometimes majestic.

Won't go too deep here - you can listen to All (of) Request Live streaming. It was a live webcast, with setlist by request.

"Where'd The Cheese Go?" from All Request Live (2003)

Yeah, the Pizza Hit. It featured, among others, "Awesome Sound," and "Mononucleosis," & also "Demon Sweat." And that's not even all of The Pod (1991) tunes to be featured here.

Check it out - a great year!

"... by Ween."

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