Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Demdike Stare at Mango's

[08/08/2013] Yep. I made it, Demdike made it too...

Although a bit short, a very cool set! I only noticed a few hints of original tunes or even anything that I recognized, and then a big chunk of "Kommunion" (below). The music was much like I hoped: dark & dense. Mostly run off some kinda Mac laptop and a bank of samples, effects, and patches... with a little vinyl spinning thrown in.

Got a chance to say hello at the end and thank them both for actually coming to Houston. I'd put the crowd at about 100 people, seemingly most there for Demdike Stare rather than the locals - which I thought was fantastic. I'm still a bit stunned that it really happened.

"Kommunion" live at Mango's, 8/6/2013

That doesn't really give too much of an impression of the actual experience in effect. The sound system was surprisingly nice at the little club. They did get the video projection up & running for Demdike's set - it looks like the same ones from the Berlin / Jodoverse show. Haha, those two earlier videos are kinda better representative.

Openers were first DJ Nihal Ramchandani, and then Routh Masler. Not nearly as difficult to take as I'd feared.

[08/06/2013] Hey, I'm going to a show tonite!!

Didn't truly believe it until I saw the flyer.

"Bardo Thodol" from Liberation Through Hearing (2010)

I'll follow up later & let you know what happened...

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