Saturday, November 16, 2013

Various releases - Gnod (#8, 2012)

I'd actually say 2012 was kind of a mess for Gnod overall. But it was an interesting year, though maybe the last that I'm fully into... But no tellin' for sure!

"Genocider" from Chaudelande, Vol. 2 (2012)

If you've been following Gnod closely, you've probably heard this old-school tune quite a few times. Maybe even have a few live recordings of it. Volume II eases in spare & slow with "Man on the Wire," switches up to a Buttholesque double-drum tribal segment, then cools out smooth for the drone-disco final third. And the party ends with another live staple "Entrance" (last 10 minutes of silence optional). Most of it's comprised of jammed-out berserkr drones and anguished howls. Typical.

Check out the combined V.1/V.2 CD-edition over at Bandcamp. Also includes a different-version bonus track of...

"5th Sun" from 7" single (2012)

Then there was the ltd-ed ["very"], now-OOP surprise single from Ireland's Trensmat Records. A label worth closely watching... Plus I think I like the trippy b-side version even better!

Innerspace Broadcasts, Vol. 3 by Black Gnod [Gnod + Black Bombain] (2012)

Further, there was a super-ltd-ed [of 160], now-OOP surprise livejam collaboration with Portugal's Black Bombain on Leeds' Cardinal Fuzz. That's the whole CD right there!

Wow. I'm a little surprised to find it, but there's Rocket Recordings' own ltd-ed [of 1,000], now-OOP split-EP with $hit + $hine. Just don't find myself listening to this one all that often.

"Visions of Load" from Chaudelande, Vol. 1 (2011)

O yeah, and there's a 2013 official video for "Visions of Load" off Chaudelande, Vol. 1 (part of #3, 2011). That tune appears on the only live Gnod tape currently downloadable from their SoundCloud.

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