Tuesday, November 12, 2013

VII - Maserati (#7, 2012)

Another quality record from Maserati, after a few all-timers.

Top Ten!

"The Eliminator" from VII (2012)

Pseudo-single, or whatever you call an internet-released preview track to hype your upcoming album. In the old days, it was a single... and it came on a vinyl disc!

"Abracadabracab" from VII (2012)

As catchy & all-out as that one was, I suggest exploring the elektro-deluxe landscapes of this epic mid-album centerpiece. The whole record's real nice - another one with the textured LP cover as well...

Hey, who is that on "Synthesizer [Assisted By]"?? Why, if it isn't Steve Moore of Zombi (co-#5, 2012)!

"Solar Exodus/Lunar Drift" from VII (2012)

Just because, I made this video of a coupla atypical Maserati tracks. Vocoder & synths & something different. I like it.

Here are two recent, officially-sanctioned live bootlegs from Georgia: Athens, 10/26/2013 & Atlanta, 07/18/2013.

"Saw Her" by Vincas, from Blood Bleeds (2012)

Garage-rockist side project of Maserati's bassist. Pretty good stuff, I'd definitely go see 'em live.

Nevertheless, uncool that they got major gear ripped off in Chicago recently. If you can spare any help, check this out.

And here's a recent, officially-sanctioned Vincas bootleg from Athens: 08/03/2013!


Genre - Motorik Delay-Action Post-Rock
Official - ihaveadagger.net/
Myspace - myspace.com/maseratirocks
Location - Athens, GA

Review - American:Aftermath
Download - Amazon, iTunes
Purchase - Temporary Residence Ltd.

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