Saturday, November 30, 2013

Metallic Alloys

Heeyyy, you got your Black Metal in my Space Rock! Nooo, you got your Drone Psych in my Doom Metal...

Maybe my favorite new band, from Finland: Oranssi Pazuzu. Their third album is out somewhat recently now. Somehow, it's actually cheaper to buy the physical CD.

Here's a band SoundCloud mix including earlier material.

Hey, you got your Disco Funk Metal in my Zeuhl! I would swear I've at least heard of Chrome Hoof, but there are so many similarly named bands. I definitely would not have guessed their musical style(s) correctly.

Dude, you got your complete lack of guitars in my Brutal Death Metal. Geryon is made up of Nick and Lev, the rhythm section of Krallice (#13 Metal of 2009, #21 of 2011), with assistance from Indricothere (#9, 2007).

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