Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mexico Psych-Out

If you like a certain type of garage-drone-psych rock that I will sometimes post about, get yerself ready...

This one's from Mexico!

"Sky is Hell Black" from Sky Is Hell Black (2013)

That's the title track from the new LP from Guadalajara's Has A Shadow. Order it on ltd-ed clear vinyl "with Hell Black Haze." And/or follow them on Facebook.

What else we got here?

"Drive" from Sky Is Hell Black (2013)

I was expecting clips from the film Drive, but I've never seen that one.

"May Never" from Sky Is Hell Black (2013)

Same YT user, different movie. Plus here's a live version of that same tune.

"John Lennon" from Sky Is Hell Black (2013)

Come on up to Houston, H.A.S. A Shadow!!

And... thanks for the tip, Reader X!

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