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Escape Velocity - Zombi (#5, 2011)

Check out my recent Story So Far and #1 of 2004 combo-post, in case you missed it. In addition to 2004, Zombi has been whole or in part: tops in 2006, co-#2 of 2009, and contributors to 2010's #23 Records.

Escape Velocity
The actual Zombi full-length represents their first official release since 2009. O sure, there's been some side-project action, but this is it - and whatta difference a coupla years can make! Well, maybe it's more of a synthesis (ZING!) of previous styles than an all-out change.

"Shrunken Heads" from Escape Velocity (2011)

Just as the album prior was their most proggiest (with added guitars), this one's the most Italo disco (with subtracted live drums). The rhythms drive like the '80s, and the spectre of Moroder haunts most every nook & cranny. I don't remember exactly how synth music became more acceptable to me, but I don't necessarily think this would be how you adapt from the rock. I dunno... Zombi's been on a metal label for the last 8 years! Maybe start with the innovative sequencing of the title track, or the more traditional downbeat soundtrack of "Time of Troubles?"

Or maybe the sleek sound design on "DE3." But one way or another, we're almost all the way into post-modern cyber-analogue nostalgic retro-futurism. The "Slow Oscillations" remix EP is free at Amazon. These versions were all 'winners' of a remix contest, and they're generally worth a free download - at least for the fun of it.

"The Visitor" by Miracle, from Fluid Window (2011)

Miracle, a new-ish duo with Steve Moore (Zombisynth) and Daniel O'Sullivan - from AEthenor (#7, 2006) and Guapo (#2, 2006). They're doing the '80s, uhh... differently. I only occasionally find myself listening to this one. I think I like "Sunstar" best, with guitars & psychopathic drum-machine freak-out.

They also did a cover of BÖC's "Veteran of the Psychic Wars" for the B-side on their "Good Love" single. But I can't find it to share with you...

The Majeure releases were very good as well. It would seem the physical copies of "Ben Nevis" 7" and Synthesizer of the Gods tape cassette are all sold-out. Keep up with the Majeure Bandcamp... Looks like there was a live recording last year that I missed, and so far already 2 digital releases this year (separate from the split-LP). One of which (2002) claims to be "my first attempt at songwriting outside of Zombi. Written and recorded in my kitchen, Pittsburgh, PA."


Ben Nevis original

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Location - Chicago, IL? NYC, NY? Pittsburgh, PA?

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