Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bend Beyond - Woods (#9, 2012)

As always, I have very little of interest to say about Woods' music. I like it, think it's good. I know decent, law-abiding people that can't stands 'em. O well...

"Cali in a Cup" from Bend Beyond (2012)

Judging by the video exposure (which escaped me), I guess there was a pretty big push to make this record happen. Not sure how it went, but that would be nice.

Another good tune would be "Is It Honest?"

"It Ain't Easy" from Bend Beyond (2012)

I guess I could say that Woods have pretty consistently cleaned things up since Songs of Shame (2009). They can still let things rip (especially live), but have trended more towards an easier vibe overall.

But not always: "Find Them Empty."

"Size Meets the Sound" from Bend Beyond (2012)

Y'know, maybe I took Woods for granted last year... underestimated them... maybe #9 is too low. Or maybe all these official videos are working on me? It's happening.

Kinda classic: "Impossible Sky."

"Bend Beyond" [live] from Bend Beyond (2012)

And there's the sprawled-out live jam of that tune. I think you can select from all the videos of that 2012 outdoor show here. Okay, and here's the studio title track.

Genre - Psych-Folk-Pop
Official - woodsist.com/
Myspace - myspace.com/woodsfamilyband
Location - Brooklyn, New York City, NY

Review - Tiny Mix Tapes
Download - Amazon, iTunes
Purchase - Amazon [& on vinyl]

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