Monday, November 25, 2013

Halve Maen - Double Leopards (#4, 2003)

So, as I've said before...

"Sound Holes" from Halve Maen (2003)

"This here's one dank record...

"The Fatal Affront" from Halve Maen (2003)

The spell of mystical undead shaman, chanted from the ocean's floor, the waves are slow & hypnotic...

"Druid Spectre" from Halve Maen (2003)

... phosphor light burns aqueous like distant lanterns, tendrils of seaweed envelop from below...

"A Hemisphere in Your Hair" [excerpt] from Halve Maen (2003)

... or some creature of the blind depths grasping for prey?

"Viking Blood" from Halve Maen (2003)

As you approach the surface, you start to worry about the bends..."

"The Forest Outlaws" from Halve Maen (2003)

Yes, dank & deep. Hold your breath and dive for the bottom. Drowning in drone, grasping towards the sky, towards sanity.

"Secret Correspondence I and II" from Halve Maen (2003)

These final two tracks had been unavailable for streaming...
So there.

Back Maen

Genre - Murk Ambient
Info - The History of Rock Music
Location - Brooklyn, NY

Review - Pitchfork
Download - later album from Insound & on iTunes
Purchase - used 2xLP's, used CD's

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