Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Octopus Projector

I saw this new record at End of an Ear in Austin a couple of weeks back, but hadn't heard any of the tunes. Pretty cool, yeah?

"Sharpteeth" by Octopus Project, from Fever Forms (2013)

I think the only real Octopus Project I've covered so far is the Thunderbeam game Soundtrack (#10 of 2012's Top Ten Archival / Re-releases / Soundtracks / Compilations / Live / Misc...).

"Whitby" by Octopus Project, from Fever Forms (2013)

Lo-fi stop-motion origami-mation?

I swear I discovered Octopus Project opening for Pong years ago. Not like Brian Epstein discovered, just 'learned about.'

"Stereoscopic Trailer #2" for Fever Forms (2013)

And check out #1.

Plus there's a free download of the song "Perhap" right here.

Of course there was a limited edition with sold-out 3-D Viewmaster + reel! Here's where you order.

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