Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Dom Keller Are Kickstartin' It!

The Cult of Dom Keller (#12 of 2012, #15 of 2011 & part of #4 Live, APF 2011) needs your help, via Kickstarter!!
THE CULT OF DOM KELLER call upon our brothers and sisters to help us fund the promotion of our new album & tour.

Deadline is FEBRUARY 18TH, target is £2,500 (USD $4,000), minimum is £1, and available # of each reward is limited.

Apparently, there's a full album (?) coming out in March (??)... and CODK is playing this year's Austin Psych Fest (again). I'm hoping for a Houston show. I kinda get the impression they're not simply rolling in dough - thus the Kickstarter!!

"Secret sound 5 (shake the ghosts from my head)" from Secret Sounds EP (2012)

Here's an earlier CODK post with a bunch of other videos & info.
So, with this mission statement in mind, we have put together a collection of rewards exclusive to Kickstarter, to thank your for your unerring support.

This is true. Many of the donation rewards are very intriguing: "Neil CODK will draw a cartoon of you" (£10), "online game of chess with Jimmy CODK" (£10), "private garment-request snaps" (£15), "CODK dog-walking service" (£25, UK only)...

But I'm focusing in on one in particular:
Pledge of £20 of more
Kickstart only Exclusive RARE CD of unreleased tracks album + Download of the new album.

Estimated delivery: Apr 2013
Add £3 to ship outside the UK
Per Dom Keller FB, we're talking stuff like: "Kayhole blues," "Leave this world behind," "Feed me," maybe "Sleepwalk in Tenchicolor" or "Armageddon Monk Chant" (live 2010), and whatever else... The possibilities are numerous!

"Heavy and Dead" [live] from Leicester, England (03/18/2012)

Please help The Cult of Dom Keller release an album, come the the USA, maybe play my hometown, and get me some rare CODK trax! By donating to their Kickstarter.

This is a call to arms!

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