Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Now Is The Time When We Dance

I think this was all prompted by that crazy, ersatz-retro Space Disco commercial for McDonald's Hamburger Shoppe. I dunno...

"Inpector Norse" by Todd Terje, from It's The Arps EP (2012)

Heard nothing about this DJ / song all year, until like the last month... then it seemed like everyone was talking about it.

I would like to see that documentary in full.

"Brillar" by Pegasvs, from Pegasvs (2012)

I voted for GOAT (#1, 2012) as Best Rock & Breakthrough Artist in the Rober Awards poll - looks like they won the polls, but not the awards! Anyway, I found this group under Best Hispanic Artist category (Spain).

Just found a more recent video from them.

"Affection" by Crystal Castles, from (III) (2012)

Wow, I don't even know enough to pick a 3rd one to round it out. Guess I will go with the apparent winner of Best Electronica poll: Crystal Castles?

Okay, that's not really dance music. So I actually looked around for anything more appropriate, and... I just... what?! Whatever I found was some of the worst stuff I'd ever heard in years. I don't even... Wow.

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