Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mo' Alexander Tucker

I was reading this Top 10 list over at BoingBoing, because I like reading things that agree with me... (GOAT #1!)

Pretty cool list, but I was intrigued by his description of Alexander Tucker - whose name think I'd heard, probably via Thrill Jockey Records:
This is the soundtrack to all those Heavy Metal and Epic Illustrated stories if those stories were really ancient myths. Acoustic metal through the language of folk, Tucker is a magician of song-story. His singing is reminiscent of Brian Eno, an Eno haunted by witch kings and desolate planets. Third Mouth is a quiet masterpiece.

So let's check it out - official video-style:

"Andromeon" from Third Mouth (2012)

Pretty cool - I listen to some music like that sometimes...

"The Glass Axe" from Third Mouth (2012)

That one's got even more views than the label-official video. On first listen, I think I like that one better too. As you might guess, he's a Modern English Folkie.

Alexander Tucker - Window Sill by Thrill Jockey Records

Completely different tune, free download... you can buy the album from Thrill Jockey.

One last song, this one has the most YouTube views of the 3, and is the most different: "RH." Lilting church-organ drones?

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