Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Cult of Dom Keller

Dom Keller at APF4
We met a few of the guys in The Cult of Dom Keller at Austin Psych Fest, and also caught their set. They were some alright dudes, and the show was extremely cool. They were one of only 2 (I believe) UK acts at the festival. Personally invited by The Black Angels, they leapt at the chance to share a bill with Roky Erickson.

Not even touring, they just came over for the festival and psyched it up good. Kind of like Syd Barrett fronting Spacemen 3 - or a dronier, more British BJTM... on acid!!

"Into the Sky Volcano" from EP1 (2010)

I picked up the two EP's they were selling, cleverly titled EP1 and EP2 - and have been digging them. Since I couldn't find any promo mp3's to check them out beforehand, I'd looked on YouTube. They take their video collection seriously (esp. for YouTube material), so here are a few!

I think I give the slight edge to EP2, but definitely glad I picked up both. They seem like kind of a set, maybe chapters in a series, a full album between them, the yin & yang thing... Dunno.

"Eyes" from EP2 (2011)

"Worlds" from EP2 (2011)

And I want the collection of non-EP's stuff, because most of it's just as cool...

"Armageddon Monk Chant" (live 2010)

"We left this world behind for a home in the sun"

"...and stars will fall..." (unreleased demo)

So feel free to explore, check them out, read this interview I literally just found, track down their albums and stuff. Y'know, like music?

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