Thursday, January 10, 2013

Act NOW and You'll Also Receive...

Two of my Top 10 of 2012 are already on-the-go for the New Year.

First off, a Ltd. Ed. of 300 LP+CD+MP3 from Tape Loop Orchestra (#10, 2012): In A Lonely Place. I found it here on Boomkat. Although a bit expensive, unlikely to last long... Looks real nice & real limited. Tiny Mix Tapes has a CD(?) (p)review(?) from last year, and here's one of the tracks:

Tape Loop Orchestra - I Died When She Left Me by FluidAudio

Gnod (#8, 2012) has their new LP up for pre-order on Trensmat Records: GNOD Presents..Dwellings & Druss. Not sure if it's super-limited like the regular Trensmat 7"s or what. But might as well too early rather than too late.

GNOD - Presents... Dwellings & Druss (excerpt, 2013)

I put that up when I first discovered it, but now you can take action!

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