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Historical Archive of Linus Pauling, Qua.

So I'm headed up to Cactus Music for an in-store record release show from the Linus Pauling Quartet (#9, 1995). Some long-time favorites & all-around fun guys:

The Linus Pauling Quartet's Assault on the Vault of the Ancient Bonglords [Official Video] from Ramon LP4 on Vimeo.

***NSFW*** screaming & cursing intro... From the all-new Assault on the Vault of the Ancient Bonglords (2012), the 3xCD archival career retrospective compilation. Actually box-set, I guess, since it comes with a new (the 1st) Druids & Demons module! You might remember their own "D&D" from the 2010 ST37 split-7" release show that I missed. Yeah, just 2½ years between the rule-set and first module - that's Linus time!

And I'm actually pretty excited - no tracklist announced yet, and then what about the setlist? For the comp, I'm hoping for pretty significant space for material not available on any LP4 CD's.

"Through Darkness and Distance" from the Untitled "Alien" LP (1997)

No-one expects a 22-minute "Improvise Now," but maybe the above album opener from this lost & limited vinyl-only release? They also played a ROTB-less "Luis Black is California" just last year (#13 Live Show, 2011). A little less likely would be their Italian split-7" (2002) cover of Pink Floyd rarity "Vegetable Man," but still welcome.

Or what about their cover of Kraftwerk's "The Hall of Mirrors?" Oh, I know what you're saying: "But that was on the C6H8O6 CD (2003)." To which I reply: "Not that version... the 18-minute live bonus track on the Euro/vinyl-edition of Ashes in the Bong of God (2000)!"

And that's before even touching on complilation-only tracks ("Dartania!") or live radio spots (KFJC bootleg from the mists of legendry!)... But y'know, whatever's cool with me.

The other obvious question is whether the release live show will feature any super surprises / blasts from the past...

"Astral Toads" from Immortal Chinese Classics Music (1995)

The obvious way to go would be "Linus Theme," but I'm really hopin' for "Astral Toads" to find a way. Seems like a couple of other debut album tunes have popped up live here & there... "Hamburger Girl" for certain.

"Cole Porter I" from The 26th Commandment: Thou Shalt Expand Thy Mind (Ptolemaic Terrescope #26, 1999)

Haha, I forgot that version is a non-album track as well. Seems like a pretty decent possibility, given the type of old-school callbacks of recent times. Although Linus actually played "The Colour Out of Space" as recently as 2006. So maybe it could be anything??

[Edit, afterwards: Great show! Setlist covered the whole history...
Alien Abduction / Drunkest Man / Hamburger Girl [studio] / Roll Out the Bong (w/ sax) / Beer, Women and Sunflower Seeds / Nowhere / Waiting for the Axe to Fall / Assault on the Vault of the Ancient Bonglords (1st performance ever!) / Stonebringer...

And the comp? The module looks great, and ⅔ of the music too... Hard to tell, because tracks listed are the same for Discs 2 & 3.

d1t01: "Linus Theme"
d1t02: "ROTB/Luis Black Is California"
d1t03: "Monkey"
d1t04: "Dance of the Bug People"
d1t05: "Beer, Women and Sunflower Seeds"
d1t06: "Possum Love (live)"
d1t07: "Drunkest Man"
d1t08: "Cole Porter II"
d1t09: "Cannonball"
d1t10: "La Tapatia"
d1t11: "Old Crow"
d1t12: "40 oz."
d1t13: "Southern Pine"
d1t14: "Hawg!!"

Disc 2 appears to be...
d2t01: "Penis Free Zone"
d2t02: "Class of '85"
d2t03: "Larry's Song"
d2t04: "Henry Floats"
d2t05: "Hendrix's Boots"
d2t06: "Sunn Beta"
d2t07: "Insomnia"
d2t08: "Interstellar Absolute Power Bootycall Explosion"
d2t09: "Brain"
d2t10: "Mastadon [The Dunlavy]"
d2t11: "Switzer"
d2t12: "Alien Abduction"
d2t13: "Waiting for the Axe to Fall"

d3t01: "Hamburger Girl"
d3t02: "Friendswood Development Co."
d3t03: "Through Darkness and Distance"
d3t04: "Dartania"
d3t05: "Turtle Song"
d3t06: "The Eye of God"
d3t07: "The Colour Out of Space"
d3t08: "Two Artifacts"
d3t09: "Rats (live improv)"
d3t10: "Jason Bill (live)"
d3t11: "Thorn"
d3t12: "Porno in the Sink (Rock mix)"

... Pretty sweet!!]

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