Monday, January 14, 2013

Big Year o' Space-Rock

Looking at the Aural Innovation 2012 roll-up, I see some overlap with my own mind. (Linüs! Organs! CAN!)

But like Alexander Tucker, also a bunch of intriguing leads - things I overlooked or maybe totally forgot. (White Hills @ Roadburn 2011 probably deserved to be in the Top 10 Live/Comp/Etc...)

"I am Utopia" by Saturnia, from AlphaOmegaAlpha (2012)

This record was on a couple of lists, and that's some classic cover art. Here's a full-album playlist, starting with the next/2nd song. Pretty sweet - read the Aural Innovations review.

Currently on sale (30% off) at AllThatIsHeavy: 2xCD / 2xLP.

"Lupine" by Farflung, from Black Rainbows split (2012)

Some more new Farflung (#5, 1995 & #29, 2010) that I missed! Their portion continues with "Punching Hole In The Twilight" and "No Circuit." The Black Rainbows are from Rome, Italy. Their side consists of "Let It Shine" followed by "The River, The Moon, The White Lake, The Megaelectrofantafuzzspace" - and then another track. Never heard of 'em before.

Currently on sale (20% off) at AllThatIsHeavy: CD / LP.

Head Music comp (2012) playlist [mostly excerpts]

I really, really, really meant to buy this, but forgot. Gonna try to rectify that real soon - but in the meantime, there's a bunch of samples for almost the whole compilation.

Also need to follow up on Hidria Spacefolk, Ancestors, Aqua Nebula Oscillator and... Indonesian post-rock comp???

Whoa. Based on the compilation page, this is a free download. [Click to Mediafire.] More free at the full label discography... Thanks, Keith Henderson!

P.S. Sorry if the image is confusing. The ranked Post-Rock Indonesia comp was Hope and Dreams - I just liked the cover of Lat Home, Indonesia! better.

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