Monday, January 28, 2013

Surf's Down!

Time to do some blog Spring Cleaning, cleaning house, house-cleaning... on the old leftovers.

According to Facebook, "Ryan of Taifas and JT of The Escatones decided to start a label." Behind this link to Fayetteville's Taifas Bandcamp is some ***NSFW*** cover art, but on a free album download!

Southern Surf Punk and Roll Vol. 1 (2012) is a Free Download from the label Bandcamp. Description & tags would indicate "Texas (Houston), Arkansas, Oklahoma (Tulsa), Nebraska, and Kansas" - which is pretty wide-ranging!

"Open Up Your Mind" from Bad Things Don't EP (2012)

Ft. Smith, Arkansas' Pagiins do the third track, and they have Bandcamp, with a couple of free 2012 EP's.

"All of my friends are Wolfmen" on Chic-A-Go-Go (11/20/2012)

Omaha, Nebraska's Snake Island! seems like a fun band, and I'll rarely pass up an opportunity to feature the Public Access legend Chic-A-Go-Go.

"Politician" at 3rd Squirrel Records (Georgetown, TX)

Video description calls them "Houston based punk/rock/comedy-core/Carlin-core." Art Institutes official media profile is pretty hilarious:
In 1976, Art Institute were getting regular work playing clubs on Houston's Sunset Strip. It was here that they came to the attention of KISS frontman Gene Simmons, who was so impressed with the band that he paid for their first demo tape. In 1978, their self-titled debut album was released, becoming one of the most successful debut albums ever and bringing hard rock into the musical mainstream.

I think I heard they'd recently broken up. Drag...

I think I'll just push this one out now - grab the free comp & see what you like!

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