Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Assault on The Vault of The Ancient Bonglords

The Linus Pauling is selling Assault on The Vault of The Ancient Bonglords 3xCD + the titular Druids & Demons module (#3 Archival, 2012) on the internet. Limited Edition of 100, expanded by popular demand from the original 55.

Head on over to ***CD Baby*** as fast as you possibly can!

Linus Pauling Quartet - Drunkest Man by audibletreats

I liked these CDbaby descriptors of LP4...

Genres You Will Love
Rock: Psychedelic
Moods: Featuring Guitar
Metal/Punk: Stoner Metal
Recommended if You Like
Black Sabbath
Monster Magnet
The Butthole Surfers

Here's what I said about it before:
3xCD career retrospective from "probably my favorite active hometown heroes." Some super-fan might quibble (more rarities! less debut!)... To which others might argue, "Shut up, their debut was your #9 album of 1995... Idiot!"

New album page up at the LP4 blog.

Linus Pauling Quartet - Southern Pine by audibletreats

Check out some more historical Linus writing at my original post about the AOVOABL release in-store show (one of the #3 Live Shows of 2012).

Oh and while I was on Soundcloud, I found this super-recent live recording from Charlie Naked, 12/22/2012 with OlympusMONS: Winter Solstice live. Downloadable as 3 parts (_1_/_2_/_3_)...

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