Sunday, January 27, 2013


Since we were recently talking about related matters...

Rifts (2009) was already a collection of sci-fi electronic material from earlier Oneohtrix Point Never records, so this will be / was an expanded vinyl re-release of a 2xCD set that was a pared-down edition of 3 LP's. Seems sold out everywhere by now... (And as mentioned, I've already covered it extensively once before.)

Check out & download an exclusive track from the box-set, but not from any of the pre-Rifts LP's, but rather a split-cassette. I mean, I don't even know anymore...

"Blue Drive" from KGB Nights / Blue Drive (2009)

Ltd-ed of 125 tapes! I'm guessing you didn't pick that one up either. And something else... why not? Here's the other track from the OPN side of the tape - not sure if it's also on the new box-set.

"Gray-Level Objects Describing Bio Layers" from KGB Nights / Blue Drive (2009)

That is a very fitting video for that song title. Actually, it looks like "KGB Nights" appears on the new vinyl, but not the "GLODBL" one. Which means a track from KGB Man (another Daniel Lopatin group), rather than OPN? Huh.

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