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Spacerock Con 2012

Whoa. Look what I just found at Aural Innovations!!


SpaceRockCon 2012
Might have to check out what Cullman, AL, is all about. But for now, let's stick with the music. I don't think I've heard of a single one of these performers, and we're talking Space Music from the American Deep South. Should be an adventure...

Unus Mundus - raw psychedelic space jams from from Athens, GA. As with many of these groups, it took awhile to track down any leads - and some I never found anything. These guys have the Bandcamp (bio + 2 albums), Facebook (active), Soundcloud (with some free downloads), MySpace, and some Aural Innovations reviews.

"Babblepoint" from Echobeast EP (2005)

Echobeast - Atlantean psych-guitar jams (that's Atlanta, GA, mind). They've got Cosmic Jam Live from Dec 2011, and a homemade video for "Ballroom." First band I know to use The Internet Archive for their vids, but they also have the Echobeast EP (The Movie) available for download. Mainly I've found their MySpace page and a YouTube channel.

Even more recent song as SCR promo: "Venus Ride."

"Kulisse" by Scattered Planets (2003)

Scattered Planets - "Psycho-ambient space rock from another dimension" (Philadelphia). They have an old-school website, an older MySpace page, and a more active Facebook feed. Let's see... a live set playlist, and their own YouTube channel. Yup.

They've had a coupla reviews in Aural Innovations, plus this interview.

The Subliminator at Spacerockcon (2006)

Seems like an interesting dude, from Atlanta too. Got quite a few tracks on his Soundcloud page, including the newest one "Your Monkey Needs Acupuncture" (2012). Label Bandcamp is your best bet for hearing hearing all of Recalibrated (2005) and of Rake (2008).

Likewise reviewed by Aural Innovations.

One Eyed Bishops - very possibly the only band ever to cover both the Velvet Underground and Uriah Heep - at the same show no less! Hailing from Columbus, NJ. Interesting historical official website. The Bishops folks also double up as the Hawkwind cover band Sloterdijk (Dutch name due to Holland origins).

PXL - This?? Maybe not...

"Cluck" from Quadsteak (2011)

The Maple Key - from Cullman, AL itself! This might also be them playing live, but I haven't been able to nail down too many details. Progressive metal, yeah?

Revealation X - Wait. Not the Christian nĂ¼-metal-emo band?! I might not be able to pass that up.

"Maafkan Aku" from... 2011?

Jellyfish - Kind doubt it's either the '90s band, or the Visual Kei group above... but maybe? If the Christian gothbangers & Indonesian boy-band are both playing, I will be there.

so many posters!!
Nixon for Xmas - Literally no idea... That is, until I found this video while investigating Lysteria (below): "Jamming with Nixon," which is just generally a great name for a song.

"Star Harvesters" from Leaving the Earth Behind (2008)

Vessels of the Divine - they're "an ambient doom metal band from Cullman, Alabama. Our influences..." Then the cached preview text gets cut off!

Title track from "Leaving the Earth Behind" (2009). There's a MySpace page out there; also on Facebook.

Ooooh, you can still download Eternal Resonance (2010) for free. Also, maybe some connection to Slow Southern Steel doc (2012?) - reviewed.

"Burn" from YouTube (2012)

Brother Cloud & The Scarecrow - more doom (folk) from Cullman! I really like that one, I think the most of any bands so far. And with tags like Neurosis, Tribes of Neurot, Steve von Till and Rwake, you can't go wrong. 2 more: "No Souls" and "Dig It on the Hill." (Those together seem like a single, if only conceptually...) We got Facebook and MySpace too.

05 Distant Sunset by Dreamwind

Dreamwind - "electronic ambient band from Birmingham, Alabama." Mellow new-age drift... Stream & download samples from their official site.

"Holy Ground" - Directed & edited by Allen Welty-Green

This guy's name has come up quite a few places I've been looking around. Here's your portal into that strange world.

"Perelendra" by Hart Deer

Hart Deer / Dark Night of the Soul will be performing. After looking around a bit, I'm not sure what to think. I believe... that I might be missing something. I mean... I just don't... Anyway, here's his website.

Oasirubric - electronic-techno from Rocket City FurMeet 2012! (I will spare you the details.)

Space rock con
From this other poster and the con's Facebook, here are some more possible performers:

"Black Death" live at JC Arena, Cullman, AL (02/25/2012)

Lysteria - these metal guys? I have to assume: Cullman! Official website / Facebook / YouTube channel / MySpace...

"Suns of Forlorn" live in... concert? (2012)?

Sad Luck Dame - roots indie from north Alabama. Official / Facebook / YouTube.

Bonejackal - instrumental psychedelic Sabbath-y space classic-rock, it would appear. I'm surprised we haven't seen more local bands with Bandcamp. And of course both Facebook and MySpace. They also have some live videos on YouTube.

"Giger's Locomotive" video (2006)

High Pink Clouds - really pretty cool ambient electronicals outta Louisiana or maybe Jackson, Mississippi. There's another video for a more recent song, "Indigo Noise" (2011). Lots more that I haven't explored on their YouTube channel.

You can read more, stream & download songs over at the official site, and there's always Facebook, and MySpace, aaannd... no Bandcamp, but an Amazon micro-shop!

Viet-Zen - it is a mystery...

Revelation XNow I just have to verify that it's the famous Indonesian Jellyfish and the apocalyptic Revelation X of St. John of Patmos, make some travel reservations, and get my Space Rock (c)On!

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