Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Great News from Maserati!

Per Maserati's official site, two new releases towards the end of the year!!

Pyramid of the Sun
I'll break my "news" first, then summarize the official stuff.

A month or so back, I went to see Mono (at Rudyard's). The merch guy was saying how it was the last show of the US tour, and I mentioned how I saw Mono in Houston at the first show of the last tour (#7 Live Show of 2009). The tour was with Maserati, but they didn't play together in Houston. He told me he also worked Maserati's post-Mono-tour show here (#2 show).

"We've Got a System to Fight the System" (live)

Then he told me how Maserati (#2, 2007 and co-#2, 2009) would have a new album out this year. And that for the release shows, the drummer from Zombi (#1 of 2006, co-#2 of 2009, and more soon) would be playing with them. Wow, great news! But then, he said that it went so well, he'd be their regular live drummer beyond that!! So, I guess it's just a rumor via Mono's tour merch guy - but it sounded good to me.

Pyramid of the Moon
Ltd. Ed. 12" single: "Pyramid of the Moon" (10/12/2010)
Never originally intended for release, "Pyramid of the Moon" was born as a scribbled idea in drummer Gerhardt Fuch’s journal while on tour, hatched in the studio as an extended jam captured while recording the forthcoming album... Temporary Residence was accidentally sent rough mixes by the recording engineer... Among those was "Pyramid of the Moon," which instantly became an office favorite. The band were convinced to complete it and release it.

"Pyramid of the Sun" (live) - probably...

New Album: Pyramid of the Sun (11/9/2010)
Pyramid includes two collaborations with friend and tourmate Steve Moore (Zombi) in the form of the Cluster-meets-Jan Hammer scorcher "They’ll No More Suffer From Thirst" and the synth-heavy dance epic "Oaxaca". Closing the album is the bittersweet "Bye M’Friend, Goodbye," a motorik summer punk jam that splits the difference between Wipers and Neu! and carries the bittersweet distinction of being one of the band’s finest songs, and the final track written and recorded with Fuchs.

Steve Moore is actually Zombi's non-drummer synth/bassist, but I don't think his involvement in the album would create any confusion about the drummer situation anyway.

O yeah, here's some Maserati in-the-studio vids (Austin, TX):

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