Thursday, August 19, 2010

Killer Video Lifestyle

I'm becoming seriously suspicious of YouTube's search algorithm. How have I missed two Killer Lifestyle Pong videos, out there for a year?!

"Foot Foot" from Killer Lifestyle (2001)

I've never been able to get this one to show on Pong's website, and now I have finally (FINALLY) seen it!! Great to see 2 singers in one song, great to see the o.j.'s... This is a song about another Austin band, named after the Shaggs song (o' course). I think they still play out, although I've never caught them live.

"Incapacitated" from Killer Lifestyle (2001)

First two songs! Longtime a Pong favorite for all. Someone made a hand-drawn animated video for it... Not sure about all that non-Pong intro stuff, but I thought you should know what's up.

"Conform to the Norm" (live Ft. Worth, 2004)

Might as well throw in this old live vid - since I've never noticed it neither. Check out that geometry. All this discovery, along with finding this cd at Vinal Edge, has got me thinking...


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