Thursday, August 26, 2010

Black Mountain Angels

Probably no posting this weekend - live music plans!!

Wilderness Heart
Speaking of live music, I recently learned about the upcoming tour by Black Mountain (#10, 2008) and Black Angels (#3, 2006). They'll be hitting Houston at Warehouse Live on Wed., Nov. 17 - together. New albums from both in September too!

"Old Fangs" from Wilderness Heart (2010)

Pretty cool. Is he listening to The Enchanter Persuaded (#8, 2006), there at the beginning? More songs at the Myspace!

"Bad Vibrations" from Phosphene Dream (2010)

Someone said the song is downloadable at their official site, but I think they meant that you get .mp3's when you pre-order the album. Regardless, you can stream stuff from the record for sure.

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