Sunday, August 15, 2010

Take You Down to Zendik Farm

I'd totally forgotten about Zendik Farm! But then I found this 1996 Aural Innovations article about Lone Star Psychedelic Space-Rock music.

"Ancient in My Eyes" from Zendik - The Album (1972)

See, back in the late-'80s or early-'90s, you'd hear about Zendik Farm in the underground music circles and record shops. All I ever picked up was that they were like a granola hippie arts commune, and I'd sometimes see their punk-style zine floating around. Apparently, it was around Bastrop, TX... but their founder (Wulf) died in 1999, and his partner (Arol) is now running the show in West Virginia. And some people think they're a cult. Here's their website. Wulf and the tribe recorded a whole album in 1972, which is shocking news to me - but that's what YouTube is for!

"Is There No Peace" from 7" (1970)

I'm not entirely sure this is the same people, because Wulf isn't credited at all on the A or B-side of this single. But more than one Zendik in the early-'70s would be too weird. This mind-blowing garagey psych-out is (in most ways) very different than The Album's outsider space-folk-drone. Of which here is more...

"Yang/Yin" from Zendik - The Album (1972)

Now that's what I expect from my Hill Country free-sex and art/music commune leaders!

"This Musiké" from Zendik - The Album (1972)

The least of the 1972 tracks on the YouTube, but I saw no reason to leave anything behind. Especially if your favorite part is Wulf's distinctive vibrato, which he employs liberally here.


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