Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So Far in H-Pop

I wanted to get a local music post out there, as I establish the bases and general outline. I guess the thing that's going on is trying to be called "H-Pop."

I think it's supposed to sound something like this:
Wild Moccasins
That's the Wild Moccasins - they're one of the more active bands on The Scene.

So... we've got them, Young Mammals (FKA The Dimes), The McKenzies (RIP), News on the March... There's Buxton, listenlisten, The Mathletes... A bit heavier stuff from Roky Moon and Bolt and Giant Princess... Even stuff like Benjamin Wesley and Elaine Greer will get dragged in (for compilations and such). That's enough for a scene, right? Party central seems to be Mango's Cafe, and 29°-95° is home online - and that makes it semi-official.

So, if you're young, in a band, playing out, releasing cd's, and there's an inch of catchiness there - you're in!! It's all good.

Summer Exposure
For an introduction, I'd suggest the Summer Exposure compilation. Ramon LP4 made his own mix at the 1/2-way mark for 2009. The "KTRU Live Vol. 1" comp is probably all gone by now (ltd. ed. of 100). But already this year, there's been a flood of releases.

Just the ones I've picked up when I'm at record stores or shows:
Young Mammals - Carrots
Wild Moccasins - Microscopic Metronones
The McKenzies - self-titled [article includes all 3]
Papermoons - New Tales
News on the March - Glory Be! (the ep!)
Buxton - A Family Light
and those 2 compilations....

And that's without really trying very much, definitely less than half of 2009's output. So, now you know!

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