Saturday, January 9, 2010

Woods Family Woodsist

Before we get into Dark-ambient-hauntology-V/VM-electronic-Kranky-drone-noise January... I just got a great deal on Songs of Shame (2009) by Woods. I had access to the LP after they opened for Dungen, but not sure if we listened to it.

Was really digging it on the drive back from faraway record store! So, I thought I'd slap up some videos, see if you like it...

"To Clean" official video

It's lo-fi, but even more than that, there's a truly ramshackle feel to it. The meter-pegging, treble-busting vocals, and the relaxed, shambolic feel to the groove. But catchy, with a 'strong songwriting' aftertaste.

"September with Pete" (a jam) from Songs of Shame (2009)

Not much of a jammy album, despite the freer playing style on most songs. If anything the majority of songs are very concise. They get in, do their business, and wrap it up.

"Military Madness" (Graham Nash cover, live in Dallas)

This was the night following when I saw them in Austin, opening for Dungen. They really impressed me live, especially for an unknown opening act. You can see the band's inspiration from Nash.

"Rain On" (live at the Whitney Museum)

You can find live versions of "To Clean" and "Rain On" on Beyond the Astral Waves... Astral Headspace, Vol. 2.

Woods Songs of Shame

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