Sunday, December 1, 2013

RSD II - Blackest Friday

Mini-update on the autumn Record Store Day - why not? I certainly didn't get anything like I did on the original, April version.

"Water Train" by Michael Hurley, from Hi Fi Snock Uptown (1972)

The official RSD description says:
10" 78 RPM Vinyl. Two newly recorded, previously unreleased songs from folk legend Michael Hurley.
It is a 10", and it does look like an old-timey 78rpm record. But I suspect the A-side has been released before. At the moment, my turntable's got some left-channel issues of the technical variety.

"Peace Sword" by The Flaming Lips, from Peace Sword EP (2013)

I just got the much cheaper non-RSD exclusive CD, rather than the fantastically over-priced vinyl EP. Also postponed due to price-gouging was the vinyl edition of the recently-unearthed Grateful Dead 1970 acoustic/Pigpen set.

"Linus and Lucy" by the Vince Guaraldi Trio, from A Charlie Brown Christmas OST (1965)

Haha, that's from the Vince Guaraldi VEVO. HA!! Listen to this NPR story about the fight over using the jazz soundtrack... on television! (I think I was looking for a different story, but that should do.)

Yeah, this RSD edition is:
A faithful recreation of the 1964 Fantasy Records single also includes a new picture sleeve featuring many of the Peanuts characters. Gold vinyl, small hole 7" that includes music from the famed "A Charlie Brown Christmas" soundtrack.
And you can still get Woods' cover of "Christmas Time Is Here" for your upcoming indie-rock holiday party.

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