Thursday, July 5, 2012

Primordial Undermind Now

And it's another contributor to the For Lee Jackson in Space benefit complilation!!

You and Me and The Continuum
Track #2 comes from Primordial Undermind, a band/artist that I have actually heard OF... but have never heard before (that I know OF).

Based on Wiki-info, [t]he[y] seem(s) pretty nomadic - including a stint in Austin, with membership including Tom Carter (ca. 2000-2003). Current base of operations might even be Vienna, Austria.

The comp track is mostly almost missing audio for quite awhile, and then kicks up a slight ruckus. But I found some more stuff laying around the internet. Check out this 1999 interview for one thing...

"Ten Toes, One Soul" from Thin Shells of Revolution (2003)

I believe this to be one of those early-'00s records that Tom Carter played on. MP3 download of a different song over at Emperor Jones Records. Lotta sounds going on there! [Must investigate why EJ mp3's are hosted at latinobuggerveildotcom...]

It's a bit odd that I really can't find any of the earlier music from the '90s anywhere to include here. They do have a SoundCloud, which mostly streams a few more recent live recordings.

"Blinding Stars" from Loss of Affect (2006)

See, the intro there had me thinking more of Tom Carter - but according to September Gurls, no. This band definitely 'jams out' more than my earlier basal impressions would indicate. I thought they were pure noise, maybe harsh dissonant electronics - rather than extended guitar/band psychedelic freak-outs.

Wasn't expecting the free-jazzoid elements neither. A different tune from this one is up on the Free Music Archive.

"Non Servium (Undermind)" from Hall of Mirrors (2005)

This comilation also looks pretty sweet! Once called "the Reign in Blood of modern space / psych rock compilations" (admittedly by the label itself), it features: Kinski, Circle, ST 37, Farflung, Acid Mothers Temple, Abunai!, Bardo Pond, and some random number of others. No apparent relation to the Kraftwerk tune, though.

"Never at a Loss" from Last Worldly Bond (2008)

This most recent record contains the original version of the minimal-est take featured on the comp. Even P.U. has a (spartan) Bandcamp site, and this whole album on their label's.

Gonna paraphrase/edit down from the label quote:
Recorded live in December 2008 in front of a live studio audience ... soaring cello ... proto-Japanese psych-rock textures ... interwoven with electronics... [T]he astral moon-scrape ... what an unholy matrimony between Einstruzende Neubauten and Guru Guru ... heady collision of Amon Duul II (circa Phallus Dei) with classic Austin TX-style garage-psych like ST37... In all [] of its consciousness-elevating glory ... blows the doors off of most acid/experimental/free-rock acts rattling on the cellar door today.

And so, one track from the last album made available at the label site.

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