Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Return of Free Music!!

Check it out - I think the palate has been cleansed (a bit), so let's set the wayback machine to awesome.

Been saving this for awhile, but one of the great heroes of the '90s has a bunch of live stuff available for download. Sebadoh! Including full shows, going back to 1991 (year of the seminal Sebadoh III), also including the full 2004 KRVX appearance (see previous Free post on that).

Debut album
[Click the debut album to
access Sebadoh live stuff!

Sebadoh had tons of great songs, and many great albums. Seriously. Here are a few highlights:

"Gimme Indie Rock" single (1991)

A true anthem for the times!

"Brand New Love" from Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock (1992)

A song from Weed Forestin (1990) - which was collected with The Freed Man (1989) for The Freed Weed cd - redone for one of two EP's (Sebadoh vs. Helmet), edited down for their debut Sub-Pop album. That's just the way Sebadoh rolled... great song. Record includes a Nick Drake cover, and a David Crosby one.

"Cliche" from Bubble & Scrape (1993)

Some might have gone with "Soul and Fire," but this has the Dinosaur-baiting of "There never really is a good time..."

"Magnet's Coil" from Bakesale (1994)

And Lou Barlow finds the perfect metaphor for himself: "wound tighter than a..."

"On Fire" from Harmacy (1996)

I almost put up the turrible video for "Willing to Wait," but I count this as where Sebadoh (and Barlow in particular) kind of locked into a groove. Stable, less noisy, and ultimately more one-dimensional than the preceding chaos.

"As the World Dies, the Eyes of God Grow Bigger" final track from Sebadoh III (1991)

The preceding chaos.

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