Sunday, July 8, 2012

Red, Blue, then Yellow & Green

Did you know that Baroness (#1, 2007) has a new album coming out on July 17th?

Yellow & Green
Following the Red Album (2007) and then the Blue Record (#7, 2009), I'm hoping this will be pretty nice.

More John Dyer Baizley album art [click to embiggen], so it's definitely Baroness again.

"Take My Bones Away" from Yellow & Green (2012)

O yeah, that's the name of the album - two colors this time! It's supposed to be a move away from metal, towards something more... pop? Notsomuch.

"Eula" from Yellow & Green (2012)

Is "Eula" supposed to be like an End-User License Agreement? It's gonna be a double-album, and I'll probably pick it up. But so far, it seems a bit straightforward with some cool bits thrown on top. There's another preview tune out there, but I don't think I finished it.

Pre-order at Relapse!! The 1-time Deluxe packages actually look pretty tempting...

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